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Old Print Art aka oldprintart.com started as my interest project in old illustrations from posters, books and more.
From childhood I was always interested in different map of the world, where other children’s Christmas wish was a new bike, mine was a new atlas.


That I was fortunate to get, and the interest has only grown since.


Meanwhile, I got interested in history in general, and with my education as a photographer, I began to photograph illustrations in old books. I got access to books and other kind of prints on various museums, here I photographed everything I could get near, and when I got home I scaled and edited it so the image would look great in larger format.


Along the way, I also trained for webdesiger.


Today I am 40, I’m a family man, with a private company and a good handful of exciting interest. I have an unimaginable amount of photographs of old illustrations from near and far. A quantity which is still growing, not least because I still photographancient art and old illustrations wherever I can, but also because others have begun to send there own photos to me of old illustrations, just because they like my work the historic art. You know who you are, I love you for helping!


With all these old vintage illustrations in my presence, I have chosen to establish Old Print Art, so that others can enjoy the beautiful ancient art, recreated and performed on beautiful professional materials.


I hope you enjoy the art and restoration as much as I do.


With love for historic art
Marius Anhalt, Denmark.