OldPrintArts internet-store is built up in the same way as most other webstores, therefor it is easy to navigate and easy to shop in. Should you ever have doubts about the procedure, please do not hesitate to contact OldPrintArt.


Payment Options


OldPrintArt payments are made through Paypal, which receives most major credit cards. And of course Etsy if print is needed, https://www.etsy.com/dk-en/shop/OldPrintARTcom.


Order Cancellations & Changes



Is only possible if you have not yet downloaded the product.

Product Information & Modifications


At OldPrintArt products are a craft!

All illustrations are photographed, and then digital and manually optimized for poster sizes.


When it comes to the prints from the Etsy Shop, nothing will ever be made before it is ordered, and everything is made piecemeal one product at a time. Your order will be received, adjusted, manufactured and sent by the same person, just like every other old-fashioned craftsmanship. For OldPrintArt is the love of art and history that counts, and therefore it is a big deal to make the best experience for you or the person receiving the product.


Since the products are not manufactured before order, OldPrintArt can in some cases offer certain changes and modifications in the products. Contact OldPrintArt with your wishes in product changes, and please note that modifications can come with additional fees.

Custom work can be made with both digital files and prints.


Return Policy

For digital files returning products is not possible.


For prints:


OldPrintArt are committed to the art and the quality of the product, and your satisfaction has a high priority.


But please note that the product is not produced for stock, it is a craft that is first made when you make an order. Therefore, you can not cancel your purchase if first the production has started.

As for the returning of products, this is only possible if it is based on an error caused by OldPrintArt before handed over to any shipping company.


Privacy & Security


When it comes to payment your safety is in the hands of Paypal, fortunately Paypal has a a highly secured payment system that not only protects your information, but also makes it easy for you as a customer to keep track of everything.


Under no circumstances do OldPrintArt rent, trade or share your email address with any other company. Your personal information is only for internal purposes such as processing and keeping you informed of your order.


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