35 Stunning vintage illustrations of bones, teeth, skulls and skeletons

This collection gives you 35 Vintage illustrations of bones, teeth, skulls and skeletons manually seleceted from 4 volumes of the old french book (1812) about animals and animal fossils entitled:

Recherches sur les ossemens fossiles de quadrupèdes : où l’on rétablit les caractères de plusieurs espèces d’animaux que les révolutions du globe paroissent avoir détruites

(Research on the fossil bones of quadrupeds, in which the characters of several species of animals which the revolutions of the globe appear to have destroyed)

Each image contains many drawing and are both ready for printing as it is, og for crafting your own projects.

All images comes in a high resolution between 2889 x 3904  pixel and 3103 x 4430 pixel, jpeg packed in zip.

4.49 $