Mammals in nature, vol. 1 – 182 animal drawings

This package is one out of four, all of which come from an older collection of books about mammals (ca. 1774).
Each package contains several drawings of animals in the wild, and this package contains a total of 182 animal motif illustrations.
The animal images in this pack is mainly about apes, monkeys, strepsirrhines, bats, megabats, sloths, anteaters, armadillos, and there is even a rhino and an elephant.

The images will look perfect as print to hang on the wall as posters. But, they are also ready to use in your own DIY projects and crafts.
This graphic set includes 182 old vintage animal drawings images in 3500×4500 px. The images comes as normal jpg images packed in a zip.

4.49 $