Rules of use

Here are the rules of use when downloading from


To understand rules in generel can be a long tough journey that most people give up on, so OPA tries here, instead of a lot of legal formalities, to sketch up what you may and may not when you have purchased a download from OPA.


All images on OldPrintArt comes from originals that are either Public Domain or Copyright free, mostly because of there age. However the images om OldPrintArt have been photographed and processed, and are therefore not Public Domain. So we ask you to read and understand these rule of use before downloading images from OldPrintArt.



You MAY NOT (without special license):

Redistribute, Resell, Retail, make money on the files in its own form, neither in any digital or physical way. This requires a special agreement / license that you can purchase by contacting Commercial license is in most cases a one-time fee, after which you have unlimited use based on the agreement.


You MAY without asking:

Anything else !



When using the images online, or on any type of mass productions, require to be mentioned somewhere visible near the image or on a credit list. It could read like this:

© Images courtesy of

but the final method must of course be dependent on the design of the product.




please contact OldPrintArt if in any doubt!